The Sales Gap

How big is your sales gap specially now since Covid 19?  The sales gap is the difference between your sales budget and your actual sales.  We are now in Q2 and you will have a feeling for how your sales targets are going.  Act now before it’s too late as you can’t bridge the sales gap at the end of 2021.

Let’s say you are down 20%.  Examine the figures and see are you down on a range of products or is it services you provide?  Ask the staff what they think as they are dealing daily with the customers.   Ask them for some ideas, as this creates ownership within the team – great leaders do this well. Lead the team with clear communication and celebrate the milestones.

Where a staff member is under performing – a meeting is needed usually in a B2B sector. Take time out to see what part of sales process is weak and work on this. Maybe a buddy system might be a good idea or outside sales training – that’s what we done. Whatever action you decide to take, take it today instead of needing to react later, which doesn’t lead to great business.  Remember work on the business not just in it!

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