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Get the Secrets to Moving a Sales Lead into
Closing The Sale

This proven 8-step sales process makes selling easy… it’s like having a conversation. It's a conversation to see what you are selling and what they want to buy!
* Practical steps * Selling across industries * Tried & tested


I’m Anne Conlon and I have 30 years’ experience of working with businesses growing their sales.

Over the past 12 years I have developed a sales process that is practical and tried and tested across many industries to increase sales. It has been used by business owners, sales directors, sales managers and sales teams to bring a sales lead to closing a sale… and the customers keeps coming back!

As you can see, my career has been working on growing sales across the years. I have sold everything from physical items like pallets of Coke, to office furniture and even advertising… with sales in the millions.

Now, I’m training owners, sales directors/managers sales teams to do the same.  Why?  Because I have done it myself, time and time again.

Learn from a highly successful sales person who knows what it’s like to be behind on sales targets and feeling unsupported, and trying to find the motivation to pick myself up from the floor. I’m also that sales person who overachieved and won high awards for the sales results.

Learn from someone who has walked in your shoes and talks your language.

I haven’t lost my manners or personal values to sell. My technique has closed sales deals of €20-250,000… and the process is all the same.

So, if you need some help in achieving your sales target and want to learn a sales process that has been tried and tested to work, that’s also practical… you are in the right place!

Anyone can sell as long as they are using a sales process!

Maybe you are tired of reading blogs, sales books and getting nowhere. Or maybe you attended a sales course, but there was no sales process in it.

The problem is some courses are not written and delivered by sales people… and they don’t’ work. And you mightn’t feel that great either after!

If you are ready to achieve your sales target and ready set your sales target… I can show you how!

I begin with building your confidence… otherwise others will see that you lack of confidence in yourself and the product, or service that you are selling.

A confident sales person will sell more and feel better.

It’s easier to sell and risk making more phone calls and knocking on doors if you are more confident.

My 8–step sales process that feels like an enjoyable conversation and closes sales.

Learn the sales process system to grow your sales and business.

An Online Course to Grow your Sales and Business

Selling With Confidence & Building Rapport

Topics covered

  • Selling outside your comfort zone 
  • Selling mindset
  • The positivity effect 
  • Sales techniques

Key learning on this course

  • How to build your confidence
  • Where you need to be to selling in relation to your mood levels
  • Master your bag of tools to sell
  • Approaches to selling
  • Which sales person are you?

Creating Sales Leads

Topics covered

  • Setting goals and objectives 
  • Defining leads and creating your list
  • Time planning 
  • Structuring a call
  • Pre-call check list
  • Taking action 
  • Moving forward

Key learning on this course

  • How to set goals and objections
  • What is a strong lead?
  • Where to find sales leads
  • How to manage your time effectively
  • The best way to structure your call
  • What you need before making the call
  • Best action
  • Moving forward

The Sales Fact Find

Topics covered

  • Taking the lead
  • The role of body language
  • Finding out their needs
  • Why you get objections
  • Essential skills
  • Sales fact find
  • Roleplays

Key learning on this course

  • The skills to build a rapport and relationship with your customer
  • Positive body language
  • How to structure the call so that you get the right information
  • 5 key skills you need
  • See in action the fact find
  • To take the lead in a sales pitch

Selling Your Product & Service

Topics covered

  • Selling your product & service 
  • Defining the obstacles 
  • Why buy from you?
  • The linking strategies
  • Clarifying benefits and features
  • Roleplays

Key learning on this course

  • How to summarise what your customer has told you
  • Where the right place is to sell in your sales pitch
  • 8 reasons why people will buy, or not from you
  • All about features and benefits

The Proposal

Topics covered

  • Pitching the right solution 
  • The positivity effect
  • The silent key
  • Roleplays

Key learning on this course

  • How to pitch the solution
  • The attitude to sell
  • How to use the silent key to close a sale
  • Watch through roleplays how to deliver the proposal

Closing The Sale

Topics covered

  • Identifying buying signals
  • Closing the sale
  • Selling keywords
  • Types of closing 
  • Roleplays

Key learning on this course

  • How to identify closing signals
  • Keywords to use to close 
  • 5 types of closing

How To Handle Every Objection

Topics covered

  • The true or false objections
  • It’s too expensive

Key learning on this course

  • What are objections?
  • The difference between true and false objections
  • What to say when you hear, “you are too expensive”
  • See in action how to handle objections

Customer Experience

Topics covered

  • Introduction to the customer experience 
  • Defining your customer
  • The best and worst customer experience
  • What is important to the customers
  • Why we do business
  • Setting your standards 
  • Listening to your customers
  • Handle their complaints effectively

Key learning on this course

  • The tools and skills required to service customers effectively
  • An understanding of how to make an impact on their organisation’s handling of customers
  • Develop the skills to build and maintain sound relationships with clients
  • Develop an understanding of ever increasing  customer  expectations
  • An understanding how to obtain the maximum benefit from inbound and outbound calls
  • An understanding of the importance of ownership when dealing with their customer’s queries
  • The skills and competencies to deal with customers both externally and internally in varying types of situations

What Others Are Saying


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Who is this online course for?

  • Business owners
  • Sales Directors/Managers
  • Sales Reps
  • Sales Teams 
  • Retailers
  • Hoteliers
  • Anyone selling on the phone
  • High ticket services
  • Car dealers
  • Auctioneers 
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Experts
  • Freelancers
  • Service Providers

Still not sure?

Here are a few reasons that you might be holding back


I have done a sales course before and it didn’t work

Maybe it wasn’t the right one for you. Was It written and delivered by a highly successful sales person? Was there a sales process explained to you?

Most courses are delivered by trainers who purchase the content and just present this information during the session. 

This is different.  I have been selling for over 20 years as a sales person and as a sales manager.  I have probably walked in your shoes.


I don’t have time to attend a course

That’s OK.  This course is online and you can watch as much as you like, when you like.  You control the button.


I need to see things in action to learn

Great! You will love our roleplays then. 

We have a number of roleplays in different settings showing you how to put into action what the steps look like in a sales situation.

What would achieving your sales target look like for you?

  1. More profit for the business
  2. More money in your pocket
  3. Happier at work
  4. Not hiding behind the figures
  5. More confident 
  6. Job satisfaction
  7. Promotion
  8. Expansion

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