Success in sales depends on a number of key skills, all of which can be learned. If you are looking to increase revenue with existing customers or to create new customers and increase overall sales volume then here are some essential strategies for how to achieve your revenue goals.

Be Confident and Sell more
  • Confidence – this is the key ingredient in selling. If you and your sales team feel confident in your product or service and in your ability to sell, this will inspire the customer. In turn, the customer will feel confident in you and what you are selling. On the other hand, if you do not display confidence when selling the customer is likely to doubt the value or validity of your product or service, because after all, if you do not believe in it why should they?
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale – as your confidence grows this will become easier, but if you do not ask you may miss out on closing the transaction and lose your customer at the crucial moment of the sale. All of your hard work will have been for nothing.
  • Remember the Sales Fact Find – find out what your customer is looking for, what they are lacking, or what problem they are trying to solve and provide the solution for them. You need to ask the right questions and get to know what it is they need.
Ready any objections?
  • Be ready to deal with objections – be prepared to deal with objections, be they true or false objections. This might even mean not reacting to them at first and waiting to see if they disappear during the sales process. You do not want to fall at the first sign of an objection as it may easily be overcome.
  • Avoid overtalking – this is a common pitfall in selling. The more you talk the more likely it is that you will talk your customer out of buying from you. You risk overwhelming them with information and you may even appear nervous which again does not inspire confidence. Say your piece and then give them space to make their decision.

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