Without a sale you don’t have a business that’s how important your sales and your teams are. You don’t need accounts, HR, purchasing or frontline staff without sales – actually you won’t be able to afford them. Most businesses that sell B2B (that’s business to business) will have a sales team. Now that doesn’t mean everybody in the business can’t sell and shouldn’t have responsibility to sell. After all the more sales means more security within the business.

Over the past 12 years I have developed a sales process which is tried and tested to increase sales. It’s proven to increase sales and give confidence to the salesperson.  Take time out to see your sales process. Most people fall down on the fact find and forget to ask for the business and then panic over the objections. A fact find is where you get to see that what you are selling is what the customer wants to buy.  It’s best to have a fact find process for calls (I use the WHATSC’s) and have questions from your prepwork ready to ask.  So why spend all of this time carrying out the fact find, demonstrating your product or service, making a recommendation and then not ask for the sale?

When it comes to objections I would say,”Is this a real objection or is it false?” Not all objections are true.  Price is normally a false objection.    When an objection is first stated side step it. If it’s a true objection it will come up again.

Now is the time to invest in your sales team before it’s too late!

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