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Building Talent – Now is the time to invest in your team and their skills

Building your confidence

You can’t see confidence but you can see when it’s not there.  The lack of self belief and motivation can be deafening. We deliver a course  ‘Building your Confidence’ which gives practical tools to increase your comfort zone and support you when living in a panic zone. 

Motivatoinal Program

This training program cover;

  • Release your potential 
  • Focus
  • Self Motivation
  • Success
  • Your Thoughts
  • Action Plan 

This course will give skills to tune into your own dpeaical development needs and to make the future happen

Communication and Assertiveness skills

This cover looks at:

  • Identifying your skills
  • Mastering core communication skills
  • Building rapport
  • Handling difficult situations 
  • Body Language 

Managing STress in the Workplace

This course covers

  • What is stress?
  • The effects of stress
  • Parking the stress just for today
  • What to do when the stress is gone
  • Time Management
  • Building Confidence
  • Goal Settings
  • Improve your decision-making
  • Being Assertive


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