All you need to know about sales coaching in Ireland – the what, the why and the how

What is sales coaching?

A sales coach works with business owners and/or sales teams to discover what could be holding them back and affecting their performance. Together it is about identifying what is preventing them from achieving more sales – be it lack of confidence, weaknesses in time management or other aspects of their performance which need to be strengthened.

Examining the sales process is also part of this process. Creating an effective sales process for a business may be the answer, or improvements may be required to the existing sales process. The sales coach is available to support clients through any changes that need to be made. The client leads the way and sets the agenda but the target for both client and coach remains the same – to drive sales growth.

Why sales coaching?

Identifying weaknesses in performance and the reasons for them, whether personal or related to process, is best done with the support of someone with the professional know-how and experience. If you are going to climb a mountain, always best to climb it with someone who has climbed it before.

Sales coaching is not only aimed at those with no sales experience or businesses starting out in the marketplace, but can also help ambitious sales teams to increase their sales by as much as 1-3%.

How does sales coaching achieve its goals?

Sales coaching is led by the client and looks at what it is that is preventing them or their team from working to their potential in sales. Challenges are identified and solutions are arrived at together. It is a collaborative process and one where the ultimate goal is always to improve sales figures.

Whether it is the skills or confidence of those selling, the sales process being followed, the management strategy for the sales team or any other element which is inhibiting performance, once identified progress can be made.

In conjunction with sales coaching, business coaching and mentoring is a highly impactful tool which can help uncover the clarity and direction needed for your business.

If this sounds like the path you would like to follow to increase sales in your business or to develop your sales career why not take the first step and contact us today on

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